A quick look at my projects and teaching.

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Current Work

Current Courses

  • Hacking Humanities

    An undergraduate course on the intersection of humanities, digital communications technology, and the hacker mindset.

  • Web Application Development

    A rhetorically grounded approach to the theory and applied practice of developing applications for the Web in Ruby on Rails.

Recent Work

Greatest Hits

  • The Lo-Fi Manifesto

    Probably my most cited work. I’m amazed at the continued amount of blogging on this piece and the email I still get about it.

  • How to Design and Write Web Pages Today

    My first book, a theoretical and applied treatment of web writing and design at the source level. The title was chosen by the publisher; it’s not my favorite.

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My contact information is all over the top of the page. You’re welcome to use it. I prefer Twitter @-messages to email, and email to the phone. All three make it to some device or another more or less instantaneously. So don’t be a stranger.